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Ed “Moose” Duke was born in Pittsboro, NC.   His momma and daddy gave him the plain old name Edward Duke, but the neighbors in Bynum started calling him The Bynum Devil and when they were feeling more kindly, Moose.

Some people grow up to be adults. Ed grew up to a welder, which he says is a fitting occupation for a devil. When Hoke County High School needed a welding teacher he moved to Raeford, NC.  He loved teaching kids how to make metal behave and be something useful.

A few years ago Ed retired from teaching. He found a house and ten acres in Moore County and moved in with his two cats, two dogs, and a very special pet an opossum named Dude.

 Ed is still welding, but now instead of radiators, tractors, pipes and such he is making scrap metal art which has been displayed and sold at many galleries and art festivals throughout the state. What that amounts to is taking things no one much notices and putting them together into something that gives someone pleasure. He says the same can be said about the book he is currently writing about his life in Bynum, on the mill hill.

Recently Ed has become a professional liar and storyteller.  He claims to have always had a knack for both, but did not realize until just recently that there were people out there who would actually come and listen to the tales he spins and the stories he tells. Ed likes being able to make people laugh and to give them a good memory to take with them.

(Information taken from Ed “Moose” Duke's website)


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